Alexis Williams, Zeshan Ahmed, and Victoria Manganiello

Group exhibition, Arnold and Sheila Aronson Galleries, The New School

Convergence is a recurring curatorial project that counters the dominant narratives and aesthetics of institutional art spaces. It takes its inspiration from Homi Bhabha’s description of social processes where “things come from different places, through different media, different histories, and converge in a place, idea, or image” (Artforum/2017) — an analysis with its intellectual and political origins in British cultural studies as pioneered by Stuart Hall, Homi Bhabha and other scholars who addressed the impact of migration to Britain from its former colonies.

Alonso Cartu, Natalia Almonte, and Sareh Imani
Adrian White, Luis M. Diaz, and Subin Hahn
Adrian White and Luis M Diaz

In its second edition at the Aronson Galleries in 2018, Convergence brought together eighteen artists and writers who address race, class, gender and the hierarchies of location and nationality. Spanning a range of media — including video, textile, photography, sculpture, installation, performance and painting — these works were presented in a network that disobeyed the conventional borders between works and blurred their traditional lines of authorship. By blurring these boundaries, the show invited viewers to question where the borders between works lie, where they overlap or reflect each other, and what forms of collective expression can emerge from these material and conceptual interactions.

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