Designed Temporalities

My research is looking at the mobility of time by examining (A) how time moves through the social life of things, (B) how values of time are exchanged in the production of time, and (C) how time becomes shared, imposed and inherited.

To frame my research, I’m developing the concept of Designed Temporalities which refers to the materialization of time as a unit of value through an exchange or interaction as a consequence of design. By examining the dynamics that allow for time to behave like a stochastic force that adopts, shifts, and sheds multiple values through multiple interactions, my aim is to develop a framework that helps to hold (us) designers accountable for a range of pressing socio-cultural-political aspects of perceived temporality, ethics, and justice that are carried, shared and perpetuated through the social life of time.

Ultimately, I want to understand what it means for the construction of culture, identity, and collective futures, that through design, this multiplicity of temporalities, not one equal to the other, are capable of forming rhizomes of time were (individual) temporalities become entangled and therefore continually inform, shape, and dictate each other across space, place, and scale.