Globalization’s Blind Spots

Globalization often is shown through pictograms in which spatially dispersed production processes are represented visually. Typically, different parts of the object under consideration are disaggregated to indicate where each of the parts is produced geographically. Gaps between the pieces capture the dispersal inherent in global production, but do so in ways that never really challenge the objects’ legibility.

Airplanes, cars and other complex things hang together magically, suspended in mid air with little or no attention to the practices that bring pieces together. In fact, global production is filled with blind spots and partial vision, but these aspects of globalization are no where to be seen.

In the Sawyer Seminar, I am exploring counter imaginaries in which the partial and opaque nature of global supply chains is conveyed through alternative images. Put simply, I am interested in visualizing the blind spots, partiality, and unseen aspects of globalization in a set of alternative images.