Core Faculty Meeting 9/6/18

Core faculty meeting to discuss our own work and ideas for Imaginative Mobilities.

Framing Session 9/13/18

Introductory framing session via small group work.

Film: Code46 10/4/18

Film screening, Code46, directed by Michael Winterbottom. Discussion led by Ed Keller from Parsons.

Core Faculty Meeting 10/11/18

Core faculty meet with graduate students and discuss their work.

The Right to Move 10/25/18

Benjamin Bratton (design theorist, UCSD + Strelka Institute, Moscow + Nandita Sharma, Sociology, University of Hawaii at Manoa) presents “The Right to Move”. Dinner to follow after.

Political Imaginaries 11/8/18

Bridget Anderson (University of Bristol) & Ingo Niermann (artist, Switzerland) present “Political Imaginaries”. Dinner to follow after.

Photo: Ingo Nierman, Army of Love.

Two-day Workshop 11/16/18  –  11/17/18

Two-day design workshop run by Dunne and Raby.

FLOATS Conference 11/29/18  –  11/30/18

Voluntary participation in FLOATS Conference on mobility and the sea.

Sum-up Discussion 12/13/18

A sum-up discussion of the semester’s work.

Race and Future Imaginaries 2/7/19

Kai Mah, Laurentian University, School of Architecture and Patrick Lynn Rivers, Chicago Art Institute; + Anab Jain, University of Applied Arts, Vienna

“Watercolour does not fix things; it works with the brush, the paper, the eye, the stroke, and so much more as tool itself gives us permission to zig and to zag and to zig — beyond the fence.”

New Materialities of Containment and Hacking 2/21/19

Mahmoud Keshavarz, Anthropology and Design, Upsala University, Sweden + Leti Volpp, Bolt Law School, UC- Berkeley

Photo: A collection of forged passports stacked at National Centre for Forensics (NFS), Linköping, Sweden, 2016. Photo courtesy of Alexander Mahmoud.

Mini Midterm Design Workshop 3/7/19

Trip to Amazon Fulfillment Center (NJ) 3/15/19

A visit to Amazon’s Fulfillment Center in New Jersey.

Infrastructures Old and Imagined 3/28/19

Keller Easterling, Yale School of Architecture + Fahad Ahmad Bishara, History, UVA

At Sea 4/11/19

Lorenzo Pezzani, Forensic Architecture, Goldsmiths, UK + Thomas Spijkobeor, Migration Law, University of Amsterdam

Vanishing/Reappearing Borders 5/2/19

Alexandros Kyriakatos, Artist, Switzerland + Oron Catts, Artist, University of Western Australia

Design Workshop II and Sum-Up/Conclusion 5/10/19  –  5/11/19

Carolyn Kirschner, Sawyer Design Research Fellow. No-Pole.

Seminar Fellows